Second Sunday Soul

This weekend I turn the spotlight on a rare Soul hit you should totally add to your collection if you’re a fan of Dirty Dancing (can’t believe I just mentioned that) or simply gettin’ down on the dance floor…

Let’s jump 3 steps into something cool:

#1. You already know “Do You Love Me” from Dirty Dancing

Yeah, that one.

#2. You probably know one of Soul’s greatest singers and song writers, Smokey Robinson

#3. Then let me introduce you to…

First I look at the Purse

Smokey Robinson, of Motown label fame, co-wrote this tune which ended up in the lap of The Contours — the band who did the popular “Do You Love Me”.

The thing about the famous Motown label is that Berry Gordy, founder and president, would shop around songs to the different groups until one of them could make the song a hit.

In fact, that’s how The Contours happened into “Do You Love Me” — Gordy gave it to the band with the expectation they might suck. They struggled with it for a while….and then just kinda screamed it into the mic. Success!

They never had another hit land as high on the charts but that doesn’t mean they stopped doing good shit. So if you like what’s here, then maybe take a look into the rest of their catalog too.

The ContoursFirst I Look At The Purse
The Contours
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