Every Sunday I scour my DJ collection for dance tunes you might want to add to yours; 2nd Sundays are for a Solid Swingin’ jam.

Live bands have a power that shakes dancers like no recording can!

Few know that better than the dancers, DJs, and musicians who came together over their love of classic small-combo swing to form The Killin’ Trills.

Parlaying their passion of the 20s, 30s, and 40s sound, the trio — comprised of Ole Greifsmühlen, Friedrich Paravicini, and Carsten Trill — is based in Hamburg, Germany where they’re a popular choice for Lindy Hop and Balboa events.

Have a listen to more of their stuff!

A dancers’ favorite is their cover of Let’s Get Drunk and Truck (originally by Tampa Red). Since the Trills’ edition isn’t online, here’s the famous 1930’s jazz group Harlem Hamfats doing the salacious number:

Or, even better than that clip, book the Killin’ Trills for your next event to hear their version while supporting modern Swing bands who fill our dance floor with fresh inspiration.

That’s why I made an exception this week to highlight a band that doesn’t have any recordings for sale, but you absolutely want to catch live!

The Killin' Trills Hamburg Swing Band

Contact Info

The Killin’ Trills website

The Killin’ Trills on Facebook

Oh, and Carsten Trill also produces recycled retro stuff for your house, which I only mention because it’s super creative

Tune in every Sunday as I feature another artist you’ll want to know!

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