Quick, name a classic Lindy Hopper!

  • Frankie Manning
  • Al Minns
  • Dean Collins

These and others come to mind easily for most dancers who have poured over black-and-white video clips or wolfed-down books on the history of Swing.

Many people know Frankie Manning (reputedly) created the first Air Step, along with his partner…. a follow…. whose name was…

If you turned to Google to find the answer, then this event might be very insightful!

Lindy Ladies

Lady Lindy Amelia Earheart posterHighlighting the contributions of women in the history of Jazz dance and music is one of the goals of this event, named after the famous pilot, Amelia Earhart. Says Gabriela Novellino, one of the event organizers:

We decided to name the event Lindy Ladies because of Amelia Earhart, the ‘Lindy Lady’, who was the first woman to do a transatlantic flight (just as Charles Lindberg did). Besides being a pilot, she also fought for women’s rights!”

The event starts with a look at the female dancers who made a major impact on the art form such as Norma Miller, Dawn Hampton, Jewel McGowan, and many others whose names are even less often on the lips — but they inspire when seen!

The event also dives into the often stormy lives of jazz”divas” who raised above hard times and brought their talent to stage and microphone. Storied artists such as Billie Holliday, Sarah Vaughn, and Ella Fitzgerald still hold sway over dancers today.

The third act of the event is on creating safer spaces in the dance community, including reading public excerpts from attack survivors, followed by an open forum to discuss everyone’s ideas for ongoing improvements.

Valuable, timely, and inspirational material all around.

Get involved

This very cool event is happening 18.March 2017 in Rio de Janeiro. Can’t get to Brazil that quickly? Gabriela knows that’s likely the case:

“I thought I should share this to encourage other people to take similar initiatives in their cities as well.”

An excellent idea. You can reach out to the organizers here on the Facebook event, they were very responsive when I reached out to them for this post.


Frankie’s partner for the first ever Air Step in Lindy Hop?

Frieda Washington.


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