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Blues giving life to Rap

Rapper Nas (Nasir Jones) is the son of Olu Dara Jones. . . wait a minute. . . I started with these exact words a few weeks ago on this Blues song.

Young Nas on guitar with Olu Dara

Young Nas on guitar with Olu Dara [photo: mtv]

This week, when father and son collaborate, amazing things happen. Just look at the time Vader killed the evil Emperor to help Luke (second Star Wars shout-out this week — I’m on a roll, baby!)
Blues + Hip Hop has been done before (and still is) thanks to artists who know where they come from and respect their roots. Legendary Nas had first-hand knowledge of that growing up, as seen here with his Blues musician dad backing him up over top of a sick Muddy Waters hook:

The blues came from gospel, gospel from blues
Slaves are harmonizin’ them ah’s and ooh’s
Old school, new school, know school rules
All these years I been voicin’ my blues”

The Blues source

Mashing past and current sounds together, the main sample here is from “Mannish Boy” the oft-copied, rarely-done-better groove laid down by Muddy Waters in 1955:

So there it is: great artists collaborating over classic beats on a song you should add to your collection.

Download this tune (also on vinyl)

Album Cover - Nas - Olu Dara - Bridging the GapBridging the Gap
Nas feat. Olu Dara
Street’s Disciple
iTunes | Amazon | Vinyl Single

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