Marvin Sease is one dirty, raunchy, XXX singer. So parents — send the children out of the room before you YouTube him. Or if you are a kid — get your parents out of the room first.

Always the humanitarian, his free time is spent
hand-feeding poor, starving women

He started his career with Gospel then switched to playing Blues & Soul clubs. His first single was a 10-minute (10-minute!) celebration of the act of “candy licking” between consenting adults. This is practically the Merriam-Webster definition of a 180°.

Many of his song titles are not printable without a little bit of a warning… and even when the titles are safe, the lyrics usually aren’t. “Hoochie Momma”, “Motel Lover”, and “I Ate You For My Breakfast” are some of his cleaner titles.

Using Marvin at Blues Baby Blues 2012

Marvin Sease - Show Me What You GotNeedless to say, he seemed a natural fit for my Let’s Talk About Sex class at this year’s Blues Baby Blues event in London.

Let’s Talk About Sex focuses on the type of sensuality and sexiness you historically find in the clubs, from the first Juke Joints to today’s modern Blues & Soul clubs. It’s a collection of the style, strength, and quality of movement that define all the African American dances. It’s also very different from what typically is used when attempting to be ‘sexy’ in the current Blues resurgence.

For the music, “Show Me What You Got” was perfect:

I like the way you walk, girl
and baby, I like the way you talk
and when I’m next to you, girl
you sexifies me (and I kinda like that, honey)
but baby, that’s not enough to make me satisfied…”

The Song You Need

The video’s even cool for work …but maybe use headphones just to be safe:

YouTube Blocked? Listen here:

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