Want to spice up your Swing-outs, Charleston, Blues Strut, and other dances? Add authentic vernacular movements! It will benefit your Swing and Blues with:

  • improved musicality
  • more improvisation
  • increased balance
  • better core movement
  • flashy moves that can be done solo or partnered by both leads and follows

This one video goes over 84 great vernacular movements you can practice at home and then show off at your next dance. Find your favorites; a couple personal favorites I use on the dance floor often are:

James Brown does his Boogie Steps, Lockstep, and Split

  1. Boogie Steps (a.k.a. James Brown’s )
  2. Breaks
  3. Grinds
  4. Jig Walks

Now let’s watch Stuart Collins, Jesse Braxton, and Sandra Morrow from Philadelphia’s LaB group do an awesome job demonstrating each one:

Keep in mind that the best and most authentic way to learn vernacular movements is to copy them first, then stylize them to fit your unique aesthetic and the music. Happy dancing!

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