Muddy Waters in a Santa hat12 Days of Blues-mas

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‘Tis the season to get the Blues

Looking to get in the Christmas mood? Here’s John Lee Hooker asking Santa Claus for something special, in true Hooker fashion — he doesn’t care about phrasing, forgets to rhyme several times…. and even drops out whole lines.

But it’s still clear what he wants this year:

Blues for Christmas
I ain’t got a dime
Blues for Christmas
I ain’t got a dime
I’m sitting here wasted
with my head hung down

Santa Clause
send my baby back
I may not have no money
but she be rich enough

Blues for Christmas
blue as I can be
Blues for Christmas
blue as I can be
I’m sitting here drinkin’
trying to drink my baby back

Sad Christmas
I’m wasted

If I don’t get my baby
I’ll stay blue all the time
Ohhh Santy!
I’ll stay blue all the time
Please do me a favor
I can loose
these Christmas Blues”

Bag all 12 days of great videos, Spotify playlists, and Blues-y wishes on Sitting at the foot of the Blues:

12 Days of Blues-mas

Graphic source: Putumayo

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